Code of Good Online Store


The Code of Good Practice is ethical and professional standards that we follow when serving our customers and which we strictly adhere to.

Ladies and gentlemen, we care about your comfort and safety, which is why we decided to create a Code of Good Practice, which is valid in our online store. We make our own purchases in online stores and treat our customers as we would like to be treated. - It's very important to us!. - We are always focused on fast and reliable service of our clients, we nurture and maintain the best relations.

Having been on the market for many years, we know that it is very important to follow ethical standards. Our overarching goal is the satisfaction of our Customers and Partners. declares that:

  1. It operates in accordance with the applicable online seller regulations. In the event of changes to the applicable rules, will take all necessary steps to bring its activities into line with the amended rules.

  2. It shall provide information enabling it to be uniquely identified, at least to the extent required by the relevant legislation, in particular up-to-date contact details. The information should be provided in a legible and easily accessible manner from anywhere on the website.

  3. It has its rules of operation.

  4. It shall clearly inform about the purpose and scope of the collection of customer information, in particular in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. It also ensures the safeguarding of the data collected, as well as the exercise of the rights of the data subject in accordance with the applicable regulations.

  5. It informs about the gross price and the total price and terms of delivery (price and date). This information shall be given in full at the latest before the time of placing the order. It is not allowed to hide additional charges and increase the price after placing an order unless the purchaseer changes the terms of the order.

  6. It informs the purchase provider of the available payment methods and their possible costs and of the time of charging. At the latest, this information shall be provided before the order is placed.

  7. By law, in the case of online purchases, the buyer has the right to return the goods within a certain period. In addition, it may not be charged additional costs for abandoning the purchase and sale agreement. You can exercise this privilege within 14 days of purchase if we make a declaration of withdrawal and return the goods.

  8. It informs unequivocally about the characteristics of the presented products. The product specifications shall be in accordance with the data provided by the manufacturer. The product description shall include, but are not limited to: the name of the product and the manufacturer or importer, the mark of conformity and any other data required by separate regulations, a good quality photograph of the product where possible and justified.

  9. As soon as possible, inform the purchaseer about the delivery methods and times and the charges associated with them. also clearly informs about the maximum time from the placing of the order to the delivery of the goods (taking into account the availability of the products and the time of completion of the order). If the lead time of the order changes and the Seller has such knowledge, he should at the same time pass it on to the purchaseer and inform about the right of withdrawal.

  10. It informs the purchaseer of his right of withdrawal, in accordance with the law.

  11. Ensures the security of the transmission of information.

  12. Allows the purchase person to contact you by phone, e-mail, and via the contact form, while indicating the working hours at which telephone contact is possible.
  13. It shall clearly indicate the procedure specifying the conditions, methods and time limits for the execution of complaints and refunds, including appeal procedures in the event of failure to take into account the complaint or return.

  14. It will train all employees handling the purchase process on the obligations related to the above practices.